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Humboldt-Born Saffy THC Celebrates Family And Legacy In Its Flower

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

Saffy THC is a Humboldt County-born cannabis brand that also happens to be the very first Black-owned and Jamaican-owned cannabis equity brand in the legendary county.

Oliver, the owner of Saffy THC, is passionate about creating a positive legacy to pass on to the next generation. It’s why he made the leap of faith into the unknown legal market after operating in the legacy market for a decade in the infamous, rugged mountains of Humboldt county. “It’s a beautiful place, by the way,” says Oliver, CEO, and Founder of Saffy THC. He lived and farmed cannabis off-grid with limited resources for years. Oliver decided to take the calculated risk and pursue a legal license to operate. Saffy THC was born, named after his eldest daughter. His family is his motivation, and the reason he remains focused on his quest to become a leader in the cannabis industry. “After all, the future depends on it,” says Oliver.

Saffy THC offers high-quality packaged eights, whole-nug flower prerolls, and 1/2-ounce jars of premium cannabis flower. All of Saffy THC’s flower is grown outdoors in light deprivation greenhouse structures. “This is the optimal way to cultivate,” says Oliver, “to ensure that we can produce the highest quality products using natural sunlight and natural conditions while minimizing the harsher effects of the weather and minimizing our footprint on the environment.” The brand’s most beloved genetics include OG, GMO Wedding Cake, and Dosilato.

Saffy THC proudly practices sustainable and organic farming and refuses to cut corners. “We aim to build a strong brand by providing a consistent level of quality with all our products,” says Oliver. “Our main objective is to keep our customers satisfied by providing them with products that they can depend on and trust every single time. We set the bar high for ourselves because our number one priority is to please our customers.”

Reach out and connect with the SaffyTHC team: (CA Licensed Holders ONLY) or (707) 400-0805

Original Article posted by Hall Of Flowers

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