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Our Carbon Fiber which knocked it out the park, with THC levels surpassing 33% is an indica-dominant hybrid deriving from Cookies & Cream, Grape Pie and Biscotti. Prepare your for a long lasting high. As the name indicates, this strain is as strong as carbon fiber itself. The potent light green buds display distinct orange pistils bonded together with a dense layer of crystal trichomes. This strain has a uniquely delicious aromas and flavor, to go with an extremely impactful and euphoric high.

Our Red Velvet testing at over 30% THC is a Sativa dominate hybrid strain with was bred from crossing a Lemon Cherry Gelato to a Pina Acai. This strain is extremely flavorous as the name suggest. Red Velvet has a sweet cake/creamy flavor with hints of fresh vanilla and a bouquet of fresh fruits. The aroma is of sour citrusy lemon with a creamy vanilla overtone that turns a bit spicy and woody as the buds are broken apart and burned away. 


Our Jealous lovers is a indica/hybrid, potently weighting in over 28% THC. The buds have a super sweet and creamy fruity candy flavor with a sour citrusy overtone that intensifies upon exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a sour citrusy overtone that's accented by fresh fruity vanilla and sour candies. Jealous Lovers buds are beautiful with shades of purple and thick trichomes of crystals covering the perfectly dense buds. 


Our Grapes & Cream which tested at 31% THC is a indica/hybrid. It was made by crossing Grape Pie with Cookie N Cream. This sweet combination results in a calming strain beloved by many cannabis connoisseurs. Smoking Grapes and Cream produces creative effects that stimulate your mind while leaving your body relaxed and prepped for sleep. This strain is ideal for late afternoon or evening hours and pairs best with projects that require creative thinking. Grapes and Cream features a grapes flavor profile with surprising notes of pear and vanilla shining through.


Our GovernMint Oasis is an evenly balanced hybrid strain testing over 30% THC. Very potent, this strain was created through crossing the potent GMO X Gush Mints strains. Like its name suggests, GovernMint Oasis has a sharp minty flavor accented by sour lemon-lime and hints of creamy sage and other savory herbs. The aroma is even more vibrant, with a sour minty overtone accented by spicy gas, sour lemon-lime and a punch of herbal sage. The GovernMint Oasis high will hit you full-force as soon as you exhale, slamming into your brain with a sense of lifted euphoria that instantly wipes away any bad moods or racing thoughts. You'll feel happy yet calm, filled with a sense of lightly weighty tranquility that won't leave you feeling too sleepy.

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