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Wondering if marijuana is truly beneficial for your health? Recently becoming legal in 29 states in the US (including Washington, DC.) for medical and low recreational usages, many have questioned what are the benefits of the natural plant that has caused some much controversies over the past years. Although marijuana is still illegal from a federal perspective, the plant contains components that have significant health advantages for pain management, reduced inflammation, neurological/mental disorders, and sleep management to name a few.

The plant contains hundreds of chemical components. Two of the most popular components that you hear about that are mainstream is Cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both are components have proven results that can improve your health. CBD is a chemical extracted from the hemp plant that impacts the brain making it function without little to no intoxication properties. Despite THC containing psychoactive properties, this chemical can help with pain management when used at moderation.

Below we discuss more in detail five benefits of marijuana:

  1. Regulate and Prevent Diabetes-  There have been some studies showing that cannabis is linked to helping your body regulate insulin, stabilizing blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood circulation. Insulin is a hormone in your body that allows your pancreas to make cells use for glucose. CBD can play a role in helping to control blood sugar, calming inflammation, and easing nerve pain from diabetes. However, this topic is still gaining further research.

  2. Help Temporarily Treat Depression and Alleviate Anxiety- Low dosages of THC can help reduce depression and anxiety by temporarily calming users down. Marijuana contains compounds that lead to stabilizing moods- in terms that can ease depression. However, high dosages of THC can do the opposite. When using marijuana to treat depression and anxiety, please use the plant at moderation and for temporary usage. Marijuana is not meant to treat long-term depression. If suffering from depression, speak with a medical professional to develop a treatment plan.

  3. Fight Cancer- Recent studies have shown that marijuana can slow the growth of a cancer tumor and help patients that are being treated with chemotherapy. CBD may help prevent cancer from spreading, and THC can help patients that are suffering from severe side effects from chemo- such as pain, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite.

  4. Relief of Chronic Pain- Cannabis is considered safer for pain management than opiates. Due to the chemical make-up of CBD, the component is linked to providing relief of chronic pain.

  5. Help with ADHD- As a safer alternative to traditional medication, cannabis can promote focus in individuals dealing with ADHD. The plant helps with cognitive performance and allows individuals to focus. Professionals believe that marijuana has the same impact on dopamine levels as a prescription medicine but is much natural and safer.

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